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Meeting of Minds
By meeting in person, we gain sharp insight into your ideals and objectives. To fully understand your corporate values and culture, we conduct on-site visits and research current developments and competitors in your industry. This thorough approach is key to our consideration of prospects best suited to the subtle yet vital components of your success.

Job Specifications
For each assignment, we partner with you to create precise and comprehensive employment parameters. Every job description will summarize expectations and responsibilities, academic requisites, technical skills and fitting character attributes.

Timing & Contact
Our team works in accordance with your mandate, scope of assignment, key deliverables and deadlines. We remain in close communication throughout the search process, providing you with regular updates and reports.

Sourcing Candidates
We source and develop a list of potential candidates through strategic research, trusted referrals, professional postings and our exclusive in-house database, which applies advanced technology to match regional and international profiles to your specifications.

Screening & Evaluation
All candidates undergo in-depth telephone and face-to-face interviews to assess eligibility. Collins Recruitment Group verifies academic records, industry credentials, managerial qualifications and technical skills, cross-checking sources if questions arise. We also evaluate strengths, limitations, salary expectations and culture/personality fit. No candidate is presented without thorough screening and evaluation.

Presentation of Shortlist
Once evaluations are complete, we select leading candidates for employer consideration. This shortlist features a detailed summary and assessment of each candidate. All information we obtain that is legally and reasonably relevant to hiring is disclosed.

Client-Candidate Interviews
Employers choose the lead candidates to be interviewed and we facilitate the entire process – times, dates, venues, as well as providing both employers and candidates with on-going feedback and follow-up.

Negotiating Success
Once an employer decides to make an offer to a candidate, we contact key references to obtain final verification of qualifications, experience and character. For employers who wish to speak directly with references, we provide contact names and numbers. We can also help negotiate offers and business terms of employment.

As a value-added service, Collins Recruitment Group is pleased to follow-up with both employers and candidates to ensure satisfaction and successful integration.


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